Passzív komponensek

Az ENDRICH vezető beszállító Európában a passzív komponensek területén.

A termékpaletta elektrolitkondenzátorokból, speciális ellenállásokból és induktív komponensekből áll.
Minden terméket kiváló minőség jellemez és a következő ágazatokban használhatók: ipari, orvostechnikai, autóipari, fogyasztói és szórakoztató elektronikai termékek.

Minden esetben örömmel támogatjuk fejlesztési elképzeléseit, valamint ingyenes mintákat kínálunk Önnek.


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Sun Electronics Industries (SEI) develops and produces aluminium electrolytic and polymerhybrid capacitors in high-grade since many decades. The manufacturer focuses on efficient capacitors in SMD technology and distributes those under the trademark SUNCON. Almost all of the products are certified in accordance to AEC-Q200 and are manufactured with standards of TS16949.
ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp., is a manufacturer who develops and produces inductive components since many decades.
The emphasis is put on products in SMD technology with outstanding price/performance ratio.
ABC offers their products in various reliability levels for the use in different applications.
Susumu Co. Ltd., is a manufacturer who develops and produces thin film resistive components since 1964 and belongs today
to the leading manufacturers in this area. The main task is to offer most reliable and long term stable resistors at attractive price level.
The products are certified by AEC-Q200 and produced on TS16949 standard.

Panasonic ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller verschiedener Kondensator-Technologien. Parallel zu den Standard-Elektrolytkondensatoren werden die Feststoff-Polymerkondensatoren unter den Handelsmarken OS-CON und POSCAP (ehemals Sanyo) vertrieben, eine weitere Technologie (SP-Cap) ist in der jüngsten Vergangenheit hinzugekommen. Einsatz finden diese Kondensatoren in verschiedensten Applikationen der Bereiche Telekommunikation, Computer, Gebäudeautomatisierung und Industrie.
Originally from Germany, Fastron now operates manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe as well as South East Asia, which are all TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.
Fastron was founded in 1978 and is today recognized as a leading manufacturer of inductive products.
ELMEC manufactures ultra high-speed, compact delay lines that radically reduce distortion and jitter at high frequencies. Whether you're looking for fixed single pin, fixed surface mount, or variable, our products deliver the speed and precision you need for your applications.
Prosperity Dielectrics Co Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of passive components.

Our Product portfolio contains their chip resistors for special applications, such as anti-surge (EN61000-4-5), high ohm (>100 MΩ), low ohm (down to 1 mΩ) and highvoltage (up to 2 kV) as well as small high efficient molded power choke coils with iron powder core for very high saturation current and MLCC capacitor with special characteristics such as high voltage, good TCR, safety certificates etc...
E&C mainly produces metal glaze and thick film resistors.
The product highlights are resistors with high resistance values, high withstand voltage, and high accuracy. Their products are widely used as key-parts in industrial equipment such as physical and chemical measuring instruments, X-ray apparatuses, electron microscopes, and other instruments.

FTCAP is a German manufacturer with decades of experience in development and production of electrolytic and film capacitors. In addition to the standard aluminium and film capacitors, they are specialised in designing and producing capacitors, according to individual customer requests.
RCD has been a key manufacturer of standard and custom Resistors/Capacitors/Coils/Delay Lines for over 40 years. 
RCD’s USA plant is the home of the SWIFTTM program,  and also specializes in military, aerospace and custom/specialty products.
WIMA has a long tradition as manufacturer of the passive electronic component film capacitor. 
It was founded by Wilhelm Westermann in Unna/Westphalia in 1948. Within only a few years he extended his company into the leading specialists in capacitor production. 
WIMA is still a privately owned company and the president today is Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Wolfgang Westermann.

WIMA is exclusively located in Germany and has four sites there: 
The Sales Department is in Mannheim, most modern production facilities and R&D are situated in Aurich, Unna and Berlin.
Continual technical progress and expansion have made WIMA the first address for high-quality film capacitors worldwide.

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